Kansen voor morgen 3: Ziektebestrijding en large scale productie met NL uitgangsmateriaal in de fruitteelt.

Ukrainian consumers attach increasing importance to a healthy lifestyle in which the consumption of fruits and vegetables is an essential part. Ukraine's ambition is to become a . global player in the hard fruit (apples, pears) and berry market. As a result of poor infrastructure and logistics, Ukraine has poor export opportunities. In order to gain higher profits, improvements are required in all links in of the fruit production chains. These improvements include better starting material, efficient cropping practices, good crop protection, better storage and logistics and better quality in the chain as easy-fruits-to-pick. Dutch fruit tree growers are world leaders in the field of plant quality and certification of plants. Experience of NAKTuinbouw and Vermeerderingstuinen Nederland and  knowledge within WageningenUR can easily be brought together in this project to support the Ukrainian fruit growing sector and as a consequence also the Dutch fruit growing sector.  

Netherlands has a bilateral working group agronomics with Ukraine. Horticulture is one of the main aspects in this group. Ukraine has been identified as a priority country in the 'Topsector Tuinbouw en Uitgangsmaterialen'. Big profits in Ukraine are expected in all links of the chain: better planting material, more effective business operations, better logistics and storage facilities and improved quality in the chain are most likely 'easy-fruits-to-pick'. Dutch knowledge, experience and equipment are an excellent basis to achieve significant improvements in the Ukraine.