KvM 2016-7: Verkenning duurzame visserijketenontwikkeling Tanzania

Goal of this scoping study is to describe the Tanzanian marine fishing sector, to assess opportunities for cooperation between NL and Tanzania thereby contributing to sustainable development of the marine fisheries sector and to food security.

Study fisheries sector Tanzania

This scoping study fisheries sector Tanzania will take place in 2016 and was ordered by the Netherlands Embassy in Kenya (also responsible for Tanzania), and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It has been recognised that fisheries might also be a fruitful domain for cooperation between Tanzania and the Netherlands, under the subject of food security. The scoping study is directed at describing the Tanzanian marine fisheries sector and sketching opportunities for cooperation. In addition attention will be given to the  current Masterplan Fisheries of Tanzania and to a regional approach, with special attention for cooperation between Kenia and Tanzania.