Climate change and population growth are expected to exacerbate the water crisis of Mediterranean African Countries(MACs), where agriculture accounts for 80-85% of freshwater consumption. The aim of MADFORWATER is to develop a set of integrated technological and management solutions to enhance wastewater treatment, reuse for irrigation and water efficiency in agriculture in three MACs (Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt).

MADFORWATER will develop and adapt to three mainhydrological basins in the selected MACs technologies for the production of irrigation-quality water from drainage canals, municipal, agro-industrial and industrial wastewaters, and technologies for water efficiency and reuse in agriculture, initially validated at laboratory scale.

Mad4Water is a 4 year project that aims at testing 11 wastewater technologies, 6 irrigation innovation techniques to reuse waste water for irrigation in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Wageningen Environmental Research leads the water scarcity and water vulnerability mapping, the coordination of the movies and the engagement of stakeholders in the 3 test countries.

A 7 minutes movies has been produced under the responsibility of WER to present the water –energy-food nexus challenges and the objectives of the project Mad4Water.

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