MFD Glastuinbouw (Inv.T)


MFD Glastuinbouw (Inv.T)

The concept of Metropolitan Food System Design consists of two key approaches: (A) one approach is quantitative addressing the principles of urban metabolism and ecological footprint assessment in order to pave the way for new strategies in the context of sustainable food systems (technical & design innovation); and (B) an approach where social and product innovation stands central (promotion of hospital gardening and personalized food) requiring advances in scientific knowledge and networking.  

Project Hospital Gardening and Personalised Food consists of:

(1) Strengthening the arguments for Hospital Gardening and Personalised Food.

(2) Forming a network/consortium for developing this market and for setting up a project for e.g. selection of seed goods, light/nutrient/climate recipes for ingredients and interaction in microbiology to increase ingredients/endofines/microbiomes.