Protein transition in Colombia; Insects as feed for a circular agriculture

The production of the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) as feed has been initiated in various parts of the world, such as Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. However, so far initiatives in Latin America remain to be developed. Here, we propose to investigate the feasibility of producing BSF as poultry feed in Colombia (BSF occurs in Colombia).

At present, protein sources (fishmeal, cornmeal and soymeal) for poultry in Colombia are imported. Colombia is among the top importing countries of protein sources for feed: with 1 billion US$ imports of corn meal, 1.5 million MT of soymeal (costing >700 Million US$, rapidly increasing) and 12000 MT of fishmeal are imported annually by Colombia (

The production of BSF in Colombia will allow for local production of this important component of poultry feed and be an important start of protein transition towards circular feed production. Thus, private industry in Colombia is in need of locally produced cheaper protein sources and insect that can be produced in a circular way are an excellent alternative.