SMP-18007 Insects of Africa: Developing business opportunities for insects in Eastern Africa

Dutch companies will benefit from the experience and knowledge on the common use of insects in the East African culture and East African countries will benefit from the knowledge currently gained in the Netherlands on upscaling of the production of insect larvae and inclusion of insect products in animal feed in order to improve sustainability of the animal production chain. Wageningen University & Research has an international leading role in knowledge on insect rearing and application of insects as animal feed. Wageningen Livestock Research (Teun Veldkamp) is president of the European Federation of Animal Science Study Commission on Insects and has a leading international role in sharing knowledge in the area of insects as feed.    

Aim(s) of the project

The project will (1) provide an analysis of the current state of affairs of utilization of insects for animal feed in East Africa and (2) will offer an overview of investment opportunities for Dutch companies and knowledge institutes involved in insect research and production and (3) will outline potential relevant public and private partners through:

-listing growth in demand for protein sources in animal feed

-describe the need for alternative protein sources for animal feed

-analyse which areas are most in need of new sources of protein in animal feed.

-summarizing the current regulations with respect to rearing of insects and the use of insects in animal feed

The findings will be integrated to develop a more comprehensive view on utilization of insects as an alternative source of protein for animal feed. The focus is not only on research and technology transfer, but also on investigating the options for knowledge utilisation through intensive collaboration with Dutch and Kenyan private companies and Dutch and Kenyan agricultural education institutes active in insect development.