SMP-18009 Iran potato value chain project

The Netherlands potato sector has in-depth knowledge about a demand-oriented approach drawing on at least 50 years of experience. In Iran this experience is notably missing. There is a high need to demonstrate best practices in different parts of the value chain and in different regions of Iran. Companies in both Iran and The Netherlands are keen to invest in commercially feasible solutions enefiting quality potato production in an integrated chain approach. This project makes sense as it combines knowledge and technology of Wageningen University & Research and Dutch potato sector with Iran partners in a pre-competitive manner.

In order to make informed decisions for investment, at least the following need to be answered: Business environment: what can we learn from quality incentives and contract farming in the Netherlands applicable for Iran? what is a fair price for value chain stakeholders, especially farmers? what would be best practices in terms organisation of a whole chain management in Iran context. Technical aspects for the production of high yield quality potato: suitable varieties for the type of processing envisaged type of equipment for ploughing, land preparation, spraying and harvesting appropriate irrigation technology (drip irrigation, remote sensing and usage monitoring) impact of pest and diseases on potato production and suitable crop rotation suitable cold storage and climate control equipment, capacity needs and suitable locations suitable processing lines and expertise.