SMP-18017 Fish feeding demo trials to strengthen aquaculture sector in Benin

The goal of the project is to have expert collaboration in a) the on-farm formulation of fish feed, and b) the organisation of the demonstration trials in fish feeding and in the analysis of trial results. Thereto the farmers need to be trained among others in using the SingleSpark Feed Calculator.

The project will impact on the food security system by helping fish farmers reduce cost of production. This may lead to lower consumer prices. Using local ingredients may lead to higher demand for cereals, opening new opportunities for other farmers. As AgriProFocus has been training youth in fish farming before, this SMP project will mean a follow-up activity and inspiration for them. This links to the EKN Benin programme on youth entrepreneurship. The project will support fish farmers, suppliers and the development of the subsector.

The longer term goal of AgriProFocus Benin is to strengthen the aquaculture sector in Benin by network building, linking, learning and leadership with members and partners: WUR, SingleSpark, NGN and the national stakeholders such as feed suppliers (i.e. BeniFish), fish farmers (Farm Johan, Farm Kakalaka, FENAPIB), national research institutes and NGOs involved in fish farming.