Succes- en faalfactoren nieuwe stedelijke natuur

This project develops the necessary insights for the evaluatin of the "Rijksnatuurvisie' in the 'Balans van de Leefomgeving 2018' on the extend to which it may be expected that the ambitions in terms of biodiversity will be achieved as a result of this Rijksnatuurvisie.

To develop these insight we evaluate together with companies, citizens and local authorities the urban green projects which they have developed on their contribution to biodiversity. We will look especially to factors influencing the success or failure of these projects in the eyes of the main actors and in terms of influence on biodiversity. The main means of influence of the different actors and dimensions of the policy context we will look into are the rules, resources, coalitions and discourses. What was the discourse of the main actors, was biodiversity part of this discourse, what other means of influence did they use, and how did the policy context influence their endeavours to realize the discourse. How do the actors assess the ultimate green open space in terms of biodiversity?

The project will study and evaluate a broad range of projects in terms of different types of initiators and actors involved and types of ecosystem services being pursued.