Towards establishing a pilot demonstration project in arable farming and open-field horticulture in Azerbaijan

There exist numerous investment opportunities in the agricultural sector of Azerbaijan. However, the lack of knowledge withholds the investments in this sector. The seeing is believing principle is not available in the country since the former facilities of various trial stations are either outdated or do not perform according to market demand for knowledge.

Biophysical conditions are generally well suitable for many varieties of arable and open field vegetables in Azerbaijan. Yields, though, are relatively low and postharvest losses (including marketing of the produce) are huge.

Improvements in the horticulture sector

With better quality seeds, improved water access and use, updated knowledge of modern cultivation techniques and marketing skills, growers may achieve much better than current business results. Overall, farmers need guidance, training and extension, and information on quite a range of topics. At the same time the institutional environment of the sector has to be improved.

The aim of the project is to come up with a co-operation model that can help to improve the arable and open-field horticulture sector in Azerbaijan towards a sustainable production with high quality standards, with the input of expertise and technology from the Dutch sector.