TrimBot2020 - A robot that can trim hedges and bushes

The research project Trimbot2020 investigates robotics and vision technology to come to a prototype of the very first robot that can fully automatically trim hedges and bushes. The robot for the consumer market will have to be able to work in a variety of areas, automatically recognize the bushes and hedges and cut them back to the desired shape according to the wishes of the user.

In the four-year research project, eight different European partners from four countries work together. The intended result is a demonstration with a working prototype in a test garden. This requires innovative research in the following areas: 3D sensing of semi-solid surfaces, dealing with variation in outdoor lighting conditions, self-localization and navigation of the robot in a garden and around obstacles, visual serving to align the vehicle with potentially moving targets (plants), visual serving of the robot arm to cut a plant in the shape desired by the user with pruning tools.

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