TripleP@Sea - Sustainable Arctic developments

Due to the increasing world population demands for resources are rapidly increasing. As a consequence prices of raw materials also increase. At the same time we are facing climate change, which includes incidences of extreme weather and higher temperatures. Due to retreating sea ice, new economic activities are developed in the Arctic Region, such as offshore oil & gas, shipping, and harbour development.

Managing environmental quality while exploiting Arctic resources is a multi-level challenge in a complex and interactive natural-human system. The spatial heterogeneity of ecological processes, and the distribution of economic and social benefits that are gained, are the subject of consideration, negotiation and interventions for both government, private parties and NGOs. Knowledge and methodologies are needed to get insight into the environmental and socio-economic impacts of Arctic developments and to be able to mitigate the effects of these impacts. This project will develop standards and guidelines facilitating a sustainable development of new activities in the Arctic region.

Ultimately, the project will result in a framework for impact assessment, scientific publications and contracts with  stakeholders showing the establishment of Wageningen UR as important international partner for research and advice on sustainable economic developments in the Arctic.