Value tables


In cooperation with the ministry of Agriculture and the sector LEI will make value tables for the different livestock sectors. These tables are, according to the regulations of the Ministry and the EU, based on market prices. In a actual situation with a disease outbreak up to date value tables are available.


Up to date value tables for the different categories within the sector: poultry (breeding, meat, eggs), pigs, beef cattle, veal cattle, dairy and sheep (meat).

Timeline approach

‘Value tables’ are tables in which the value of an animal is given at a certain age. In case of an outbreak of a disease an assessor visits the farm and he will use the value tables to estimate the value of the animals before culling. By using the tables the value estimate of the assessor is more uniform and transparent. LEI calculates up to date value tables for the different sectors: poultry, pigs, beef cattle, veal calves, dairy cattle and sheep. Every year the tables are updated which gives up to date information in a situation of a disease outbreak.