Waste2Cycle_NL (Biorefinery & Chains research line1)

WASTE2CYCLE addresses the growing waste challenge faced by agriculture, rural communities and food processing and retail industries in Europe and worldwide. This project has set up a Dutch WASTE2CYCLE partnership and will (i) assess current approaches and technologies for the utilization of co-products, by-products and wastes (CP&BP&WA) from agriculture and food processing, (ii) examine together with stakeholders technological, managerial, cultural and legal obstacles for improved utilization, and (iii) develop and test novel approaches and technologies for value creation and economically more attractive and environmentally sound use of CP&BP&WA.

Central to its approach is the creation of a set of science based regional stakeholder knowledge platforms that will be linked to EU platforms. These platforms are key to informing partners and wider stakeholders about ideas, options, technologies, obstacles and incentives for increasing the economic utilization of CP&BP&WA.

The platforms will source and discuss results from the project on integrated assessments, environmental impacts and business models of current and new approaches and technologies for utilization of CP&BP&WA. Here we will develop and test approaches and technologies for the production of enhanced animal feeds, agrochemicals, biofuel and soil amendments from various key sources. All case-studies are linked to the knowledge platforms. Innovative solutions, entrepreneurship and business cases for upgrading and biorefinery of CP&BP&WA will be analysed in the context of international agri-food supply systems. Economic optimization of the use of CP&BP&WA is integral part of our analyses.