Towards Zero Hunger: Partnerships for impact


SDG-Conference: Towards Zero Hunger - Partnerships for impact

The conference 'Towards Zero Hunger: Partnerships for Impact' brings together key stakeholders to discuss their views and contributions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to take action towards reaching the targets and partnerships. The conference centres around 2 goals: end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture (SDG2) and create partnerships (SDG17).

Organisator Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen Plant Research, Wageningen Environmental Research

do 30 augustus 2018 tot vr 31 augustus 2018

The conference will focus on how to transform to a sustainable impact; working on evidence for action, trade-offs & synergies, governance and pathways for transformative change of the Sustainable Development Goals. The conference will be distinctly modular in structure, alternating between highly stimulating plenary sessions with renowned speakers who will lay out their vision on global food security, and various breakout sessions (workshops) ranging from highly varied topics from which you can choose.

More information on the event, including times and speakers, will soon be published.

First call

We invite all relevant experts and practitioners representing government and policy, private sector, civil society, science and other actor groups to present and discuss their knowledge and experiences related to the SDGs and food systems. Only through multiple actor participation and engagement, innovative transformative pathways can be discussed, designed and put into action.

Individual paper presentations

Experts and practitioners can present their scientific and non-scientific work related to one of the three themes of the parallel sessions. The organizing committee will put the contributions into a full programme of a parallel session, and will decide on the format of that session.

Individual poster presentations

Experts and practitioners can present their scientific and non-scientific work related to all themes and goals of the SDG conference. Poster will exposed during the conference, special poster presentation sessions organized.

Adopting a full parallel session

An expert or groups of experts/practitioners can organize a full parallel session related to one of the three themes. They can choose their own formula (workshop, panel presentation, lecture, discussion, and so on). We welcome creative contributions.

Case studies

To build a bridge between the thematic discussions in the parallel sessions and the final session on the transformative pathways, we highly welcome experts and practitioners that can present an case that aims at achieving SDGs. Case studies presentations touch upon the many issues related to the theme of the conference and foster concrete thinking about how to collect evidence of progress, how to balance between SDGSs, how to govern the process and partnership.

Side events

The topic of your side event has to be related to the overall objectives and themes of the Conference, to be approved by the organizing committee. You are responsible for the programme, speakers, and facilitating your own participants. Participants can subscribe through the conference website.


Registration costs are:

Full fee: € 150
Student fee: € 50

The registration costs include:

Accompanying persons are welcome, please contact the Secretariat to discuss the possibilities.

The conference dinner is included in the registration fee and all participants are invited to attend the dinner.

We only accept written cancellations by email.


Scientific committee

  • Arthur Mol (chair)
  • Prof Bas Arts
  • Jelle Behagel
  • Hedwig Bruggeman
  • Prof Ken Giller
  • Prof Otto Hospes
  • Jessica de Koning
  • Jelle Maas
  • Raimon Ripoll Bosch
  • Prof Ruerd Ruben
  • Maja Slingerland
  • Toine Timmermans
  • Saskia Visser
  • Simone van Vugt
  • Pieter Windmeijer

Organizational committee

  • Jelle Maas (chair)
  • Lonneke Budel
  • Jessica de Koning
  • Simone van Vugt
  • Pieter Windmeijer
  • Hedy Wessels

Practical information

Directions to Wageningen Campus