WUR on Wheels

Our alumni, students and colleagues are spread all over the world. They have literally travelled long distances to and from Wageningen, not only in a literal way, but also metaphorically, bringing and disseminating knowledge.

Organisator 100 years WUR

za 15 september 2018 tot ma 15 oktober 2018

Locatie All around the world

From the 1st till the 30th of September, we will travel 40,000 kilometres around the world (in a symbolic way of course) together with students, colleagues and alumni in Wageningen as well as on other continents. This will be done by bike or on foot. The purpose is twofold. First, we would like people to share the experiences they’ve had with WUR; how knowledge has benefited them and what impact WUR’s knowledge has had around the world. Second, we aim to raise money for a good cause, namely the Borlaug Youth Institute, earmarked for the leaders of the future who will confront this challenge head-on, namely how to fight hunger through science. Join us in September and let’s travel 40,000 kilometres together with WUR on Wheels!

More information about this event will soon be published.