dr.ir. CA (Aad) Kessler

dr.ir. CA (Aad) Kessler

Universitair Docent

My passion is sustainable land management, which is the foundation for sustainable agriculture and enhanced food security. In my daily work at the University as assistant professor and in my current job at Alterra where I work for a food security project in Burundi, I try to transmit my passion and knowledge to students, farmers and colleagues about how to foster sustainable land management. I am convinced that we can achieve managing our soil and water resources in a more sustainable way, and that small-scale farming has a crucial role to play in feeding this world, but we need people with vision, with commitment, and with the spirit that is needed to do this together: in collaboration, learning from eachother, to find innovatiev solutions that work for sustainable land management.

Follow the link below to learn more about the PIP approach of Integrated Farm Planning as currently applied in Burundi: it is innovative and it works, and we want to implement it in many other countries!

To finalize please find here my key-expertise and working experience:

  • 10 years working experience in the Andes region: Chile, Peru and Bolivia
  • 10 years working experience at Wageningen University as teacher/researcher
  • specialized in (1) sustainable land management (2) programs and policies for sustainable rural development (3) rural livelihood strategies (adaptation and farmers’ investments)
  • experience in project formulation, coordination and evaluation (research & development)
  • experience in interdisciplinary and participatory research (science for development)