C (Christine) Plaisier MSc

C (Christine) Plaisier MSc

Onderzoeker Impact Evaluaties

Passionate, efficient and crazy for just a little bit. Motto: Work hard but smart. Passionate about the wellbeing of the people, by encouraging them to be self-supporting.

She has several years experience in the domains of monitoring and measuring impact, sustainable and inclusive development, value chains and agricultural cooperatives/farmer organisations. Working experience is both in the field of practioners as well as applied research, having worked at various non-governmental organisations and research institutes. She currently works at Wageningen Economic Research as researcher impact evaluation and sustainable value chains.

Christine in a few words: a committed development specialist and researcher delivering quality and in-depth analyses translated into concrete recommendations for policymakers and practitioners. She is a mixed method specialist and combines an analytical and critical mind with a constructive, practical and culture sensitive attitude. She is able to adapt and tactfully navigate in the field of international development and intercultural relations with people with all kinds of backgrounds and positions.

She is experienced in (development) projects and evaluations in all three continents, Africa (eg. Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Ethiopia), South America (e.g. Bolivia, Chile, Peru), and Asia (e.g. Indonesia, India, Nepal, Philippines). Key methods expertise are mixed methods, participatory approaches, robust impact evaluations, and the Theory of Change.  She has crop expertises in coffee, tea, sorghum, soy, sugarcane, horticulture (e.g. tomato, pepper).