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Projecten - dr.ir. PM (Ellen) Slegers

Ongoing research projects:

  • bilateral projects with other WUR chair groups
  • ProSeaWeed, LCA of near-future seaweed cultivation for food products (together with Wageningen Economic Research, Blonk Consultants, Stichting Noordzee Boerderij); 2019 - 2020
  • Valuing waste streams for sustainable food systems: towards a digital twin(together with Plant Production Systems); 2020-2023    
  • development BeWhere Algae (in cooperation with IIASA, Austria); 2011 - present


Former research projects:

  • bilateral projects with the chair groups Urban Economics, Bioprocess Engineering, AlgaePARC, Plant Breeding, Food and Biobased Research, Animal Production Systems, Water Systems and Global Change
  • EU FP7 MIRACLES; 2013-2017
  • TKI AlgaePARC Biorefinery; 2013-2017
  • Wetsus (algae theme): "For efficient, robust and flexible algae plants: an advanced scenario study approach"; 2009-2013
  • PhD thesis: click here