E (Enrico) Orsi MSc

E (Enrico) Orsi MSc

PhD Student, Promovendus

Green Terpene: Sustainable production of terpenes by redesigning isoprene biosynthesis

Project duration: January 2016 - December 2019.

Project introduction: Terpenes are used in many industrial applications, from pharmaceutical to polymers, passing by flavours and fragrances. Terpenes' characteristics make them suitable as biofuel, but their production costs don't make them competitive with the current bio-ethanol system yet. Recent achievements in expanding genetic engineering toolboxes have opened new frotiers for metabolic engineering approaches, raising new interest in terpene application for biofuels.

Project aim: the project's aim is to increase terpene yield and productivity in the industrial microorganism Rhodobacter sphaeroides by means of metabolic engineering.