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Projecten - EW (Ewa) Tabeau PhD MSc

Projecten van EW Tabeau-Kowalska

2020-21: Agricultural land market regulations in the EU Member States by 2021": A European project funded by the JRC, European Commission, preformed jointly with KU Leuven and 22 country experts. Main objective is to provide a recent update on the legal regulations and their implementation that affect agricultural land markets in Europe. Role in the project: project leadership and research.

2020-21: Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer (RITT)  in the Agri-Food Sector in the Western Balkan Countries/Territories. A European project funded by the DG AGRI, European Commission, preformed jointly with a Balkan partner SWG and six country experts from the WB region. The project aims at enhancing and facilitating RITT capacities in the context of Europe's Green Agenda for the Western Balkans, aiming at enabling a gradual approximation of the agri-food sector in the Western Balkan countries towards EU standards. Role in the project: research, advice, and communication.

2019: IOF2020: Ethics and responsible design in IoF (WP6). WP6 focusses on the ethical challenges that come forwards in the IOF2020 use cases, and on the expected impacts of smart farming on the (social) lives of people. Ethicists and social scientists use their expertise to provide support to the use cases participants, develop designs of human-technology relations and guidelines and codes of conduct to assist future innovators. Role in the project: research and reporting.

2019-21:Performing the role of the coordinator of the WECR MAGNET model team,  with prof. Hans van Meijl being the Scientific Director of MAGNET.

2019-21: Performing the role of the deputy-coordinator of the AgEconEurope Framework Contract with the European Commission, with Hans van Meijl being the AgEcon coordinator and chairman of the AgEconEurope Consortium.