FF (Geert) Hoekstra MSc

FF (Geert) Hoekstra MSc

DLO Onderzoeker

Passion for (sea)food 

Key words: fisheries, seafood, food, fish processing, wholesale, new circular business models, Lean StartUp, value chains, seafood marketing research, data analyses, innovation, economic research and aquaculture.

E: geert.hoekstra@wur.nl

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind"? - C. S. Lewis

From childhood I have a passion for fish and food. As born and raised in a Dutch fishing village and agricultural region I have always been fascinated by the importance of food. In particular the dependence of food and nature. I admire the knowhow and craftmanship behind crops at land and catching the fish at sea, processing and selling the highest quality to consumers. Fish is not solely a healthy food product, but even more the most globally traded product perhaps. Seafood (fish and shellfish consumed by humans) is essential as a source of food supply and income (revenue stream) given a growing world population. In 2016 estimated global fish production was 171 million tonnes with a sales value of $362 billion (FAO).

It is my dream to connect (sea)food producers and consumers by (sea)food as a healthy food product from nature. Especially, could globally be a sustainable source for food supply and income.

Currently I support (inter)national governments and entreprises as an economist fisheries by research projects like:
- New Circular Business Models
- Market studies selling seafood products internationally
- Fishery economic stats: www.visserijincijfers.nl
- Innovation and marketing lectures entepreneurs in food&agri
- Economic position Dutch processing industry and wholesale
- Online dashboard about (inter)national seafood trade data
- Policy support and scenario studies about landing obligation, pulse fisheries etc.
- Economic valuation of European fish quota