dr.ir. M (Greet) Blom-Zandstra

dr.ir. M (Greet) Blom-Zandstra

DLO Onderzoeker

She studied Molecular Sciences at Wageningen University in the seventies and specialized in Plant Physiology and Soil Sciences. She received her MSc-degree in 1980. She started her career at the Centre of Agrobiological Research, Wageningen, in 1980 with fundamental research on osmoregulation and salinity. This was also the subject of her PhD-thesis (University of Utrecht, 1990). For her PhD-research she was awarded with the CO.NA.SERRE award, due to the excellent implementation of a scientific approach into a practicle application .

During her career Greet broadened her experience with crop agronomy, crop physiology, environmental pollution, farm / horticultural management systems, organic farming, climate change and multi stakeholder analyses.

She has an extended experience on setting up and implementation of projects on farm management. She has been working in complex multidisciplinary projects and at different scales from plot to region and with farmers and representatives from governmental and non-governmental organisations on agriculture she has gained experience in providing practical solution to complex issues.

She has published several peer-reviewed papers and articles for magazines.

Currently, Greet is leading different projects on the growth and development of the stress tolerant species and on rural development both in the Netherlands and abroad.