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Onderwijsactiviteiten - prof.dr. JM (Jacqueline) Bloemhof-Ruwaard

Collegereeks Logistiek Management; Logistiek Academy, Nijenrode Business Universiteit

Duurzame Logistiek November 2015



Students (BSc and MSc) can participate in the research projects on sustainable logistics management.

In the MME master I teach in the courses Advanced Supply Chain Management  and Operations Research and Logistics.

In the MFT master I teach in the course Sustainability in Food Chains.

In the Bachelor Minor Bio Transitions I teach in the courses Biobased Economy and Biobased Logistics

Betrokken bij de volgende vakken:

MME (Master Management & Economie)

ORL-31306: Advanced Supply Chain Management: https://ssc.wur.nl/Rooster/Vakrooster/ORL-31306

ORL-30806: Operations Research and Logistiics; https://ssc.wur.nl/Rooster/Vakrooster/ORL-30806

Bachelor Minor: Biobased Transition:

BCH-51306: Biobased Economy: https://ssc.wur.nl/Rooster/Vakrooster/BCH-51306

ORL-51306; Biobased Logistics: https://ssc.wur.nl/Rooster/Vakrooster/ORL-51306

MFT: (Master Food Technology)

FPE-31806: Sustainability of Food Chains: https://ssc.wur.nl/Rooster/Vakrooster/FPE-31806





ORL-30806 Operations Research and Logistics
YEI-80324 BSc Thesis Biosystems Engineering
YSS-81812 BSc Thesis Business Studies
FPE-31806 Sustainability in Food Chains
ORL-32306 Biobased Logistics
YSS-32806 Advanced Supply Chain Management