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Onderwijsactiviteiten - dr.ir. KKE (Katrien) Descheemaeker

- Analyzing sustainability of farming systems (PPS-30806)

- Systems Analysis, Simulation and Systems Management (PPS-20306)

- Quantitative Analysis of Land use systems (QUALUS) (PPS-30306)

- Climate Smart Agriculture (WSG35806)

- The Art of Modelling (see www.PE-RC.nl)

- Farming Systems and Rural Livelihoods (https://www.pe-rc.nl/postgraduate-courses/Farming-Systems)


WSG-35806 Climate Smart Agriculture
HNH-26806 Introduction to Global Nutrition and Health
PPS-79324 MSc Research Practice Plant Production Systems
PPS-20306 Systems Analysis and Modelling
PPS-30306 Quantitative Analysis of Land Use Systems (QUALUS)
PPS-30806 Analysing Sustainability of Farming Systems
PPS-50806 Capita Selecta Plant Production Systems
PPS-70424 MSc Internship Plant Production Systems
PPS-80424 MSc Thesis Plant Production Systems
PPS-80430 MSc Thesis Plant Production Systems
PPS-80436 MSc Thesis Plant Production Systems