PL (Long) Hoang MSc

PL (Long) Hoang MSc

Postdoc Researcher

Long Hoang (long.hoang[at] is a multidisciplinary researcher who works in, and across the fields of hydrology, water management and climate science. His key scientific interest interest is to utilize knowledge from these fields to address some of the contemporary water-related problems faced by todays societies. His work focuses on, but not limited to, climate change impacts on water resources, sustainable food production, and water hazards including floods and droughts. Longs research focuses strongly on several large river deltas of the world, including the Vietnamese, Bangladeshi and Ghanaian deltas. His current research lines include:

River delta system: Strategic delta planning and management, hydrological processes

Water resources management: Integrated management and strategic planning

Hydrology: Hydrological modelling, catchment processes, floods, droughts

Climate change and climate services: Seasonal climate forecast, climate change, climate impacts and risks, adaptation, tailor-made hydro-climatic forecasts

Long currently works as a postdoc researcher under the NWO research programme Waterapps (, focusing on developing water  and climate information services to support sustainable food production in peri-urban delta contexts.