Luc  van Bommel

Luc van Bommel

Hello everyone! My name is Luc and I’m the student coach for the Master Climate Studies. I am in my second year doing a thesis about climate resilience of sustainable agriculture in the Amazon rainforest. My background is BSc Environmental Sciences. I am doing the ‘Ecological and Agroecological Systems´ specialisation as it provides me with many possibilities to study about agriculture and nature in a global change context. With the many available courses, you can modify the study to your own satisfaction. The reason I chose this master is because I am able to broaden my knowledge, while following my own specific interests. Choosing your study programme and moving to a new place can be awesome, but I imagine may have many questions too. Therefore, I am here to help you with any questions about MSc Climate Studies and the Wageningen student life. Do not hesitate to contact me, cheers!