dr. MPCP (Maurice) Paulissen

dr. MPCP (Maurice) Paulissen


I am currently working on a research project (2017-2022) on the history of human use and perceptions of raised bogs in the historical Low Countries. This work is part of the overarching NWO-funded Vidi project Home Turf led by landscape archaeologist Dr Roy van Beek, in which I also collaborate closely with physical geographer Cindy Quik MSc.

I have a background in vegetation and peatland ecology (PhD, 2004) and in landscape history (MA, 2015). I previously worked at Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra, 2005-2017).

Since 2004, I have authored and co-authored several papers on wetland ecological topics such as the impacts of atmospheric nitrogen deposition, increased salinity, and water purification. I have now moved to research in landscape history and historical geography, with a primary focus on Northwestern and Central Europe.

Specific topics that I am interested in include the history of human use, perceptions, exploitation and reclamation of peatlands; geographic names (toponyms) in relation to landscape history; and the history and reconstruction of old overland route networks.