N (Nyamwaya) Munthali

N (Nyamwaya) Munthali

Externe medewerker

As a development practitioner with an MSc in International Development with a focus on communication and innovation, I have over 5 years experience working in the Zambian agriculture sector on livelihood enhancing projects, specifically contributing to the development and implementation of practical monitoring and evaluation/communication systems.  Additionally in the current space for mobile innovations in development I have worked on a number of information -communication- technology for development (ICT4D) projects.

My research interests that involve field work in Zambia, Tanzania, India and now Ghana relate to the social situatedness of (ICT) technology and the potential and role of strategic (ICT-mediated) communication mechanisms to foster development.

I am currently working on the Environmental Virtual Observatories for Connective Action (EVOCA) Programme that is running for 4 years from 2016. A description of the project can be found at www.evoca.nl.

Thesis topic
Systemic Agricultural Advisory Services in a Digital Age - Ghana

Description of the project
Classical extension focuses on linear transfer of technology. Globally, and in Ghana particularly, we have seen attempts to address the linearity of classical extension with the shift to systemic agricultural advisory service delivery approaches. From a systemic perspective, innovation-intermediation is suggested as an approach for advisory service providers to function effectively. This involves three broad intermediary roles which are demand-articulation, matching demand and supply, and innovation process management. Both public and private advisory service providers in Ghana are transitioning towards more systemic advisory service delivery approaches, however, these efforts are hampered by human and financial resource constraints. At the same time there is emphasis on exploring new-ICTs potential to improve and upscale advisory service delivery. However, there is limited knowledge on new-ICTs potential to facilitate innovation-intermediation.

Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana

Affiliated Organisation
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)