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Projecten - ir. P (Pradip) Saha MSc

Technology integration for the removal of organic pollutants from saline water


Wastewater is produced from industries and other activities contain inorganic salts and biodegradable as well as recalcitrant organic chemicals (ROC). Biological treatment, mostly used and cheap technology is facing challengers in the case of high salinity and ROC wastewater. From the last decade, Electrochemical oxidation is considered an alternative, which can demineralize the ROC even in saline wastewater. However, high cost, the formation of toxic halogenated organic by-products, and un-optimized operating conditions hindering the application of this process in the practical field. Therefore, The focuses of the research will be explored the electrochemical oxidation process for the specific removal of ROC in the presence of monovalent ions(i.e.Na+). In addition, the operating conditions will be Optimizing for scale up the process in real field application. Moreover, this electrochemical oxidation process will be integrated with different technologies such as membrane process, Plant-microbial fuel cells (P-MFC) and biological process in order to lower the cost and reduce the toxic by-production formation and removal. In the end, scenarios, with respect to integrated technologies, will be developed for two real cases- organic wastewater in high saline and low saline condition. The pilot study will be carried out for these cases. Therefore, the expected outcome will develop flexible, robust and integrated technology for removing Sodium and recalcitrant organic compounds from a wide range of saline water industrial wastewater usable industry itself as well as in agriculture.