RM (Roald) Pijpker MSc

RM (Roald) Pijpker MSc


Roald Pijpker, MSc, is a PhD candidate at the Health and Society, and Rural Sociology chair groups. Roald finished his Secondary Vocational Education (in Dutch; MBO) in Fitness, Health & Management, after which he obtained a BASc degree in Sport, Health & Management, and acquired an MSc degree in Communication, Health & Life Sciences. His research focus lies on understanding and facilitating the development of health and wellbeing in our everyday settings (e.g. workplaces, nature), inspired by the theory of salutogenesis and principles embedded in the Ottawa Charter for health promotion. Roalds current research explores the potential of green programs, like healing gardens and green exercise, for the rehabilitation of young employees with burnout in the Netherlands. Additionally, he is one of the project leaders of an ongoing Scientific Shop project focusing on education on care farms for children with additional needs. Finally, Roald is a teaching assistant in various MSc/BSc courses and supervises students with their thesis and internship.

Current research projects:

The potential of green programmes for the rehabilitation of young employees with burnout: a salutogenic approach https://www.wur.nl/en/project/The-potential-of-green-programmes-for-the-rehabilitation-of-young-employees-with-burnout-a-salutogenic-approach.htm

Education on care farms in the Netherlands: an untapped potential for children with additional needs? https://www.wur.nl/nl/project/Ontwikkeling-en-professionalisering-van-onderwijs-op-de-boerderij-leerarrangementen-in-het-groen.htm