CJM (Sander) Koenraadt

CJM (Sander) Koenraadt

Universitair hoofddocent Medische & Veterinaire Entomologie

My group is set-up as an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to understanding the transmission of vector-borne diseases. We are located at the Laboratory of Entomology at Wageningen University. At the Laboratory of Entomology work continues to be done on the physiology of insect/plant interactions and the ecology of parasite/host and predator/prey interactions. In the last decade research on arthropod vectors of human and animal diseases complemented the research at the Laboratory.

My involvement in the Fundamental Change campaign:

Mosquitoes as auxiliary troops in disease prevention

Some researchers not only have a lot of knowledge, but also the necessary imagination. For example, to be able to consider a mosquito as a flying injection needle with a predictable value for the outbreak of diseases. Far-fetched? On the contrary: researcher Sander Koenraadt and his team wanted to start actual work on this after they accidently discovered how you can catch mosquitoes that had recently bitten someone.