SN (Sanne) Moejes MSc

SN (Sanne) Moejes MSc

Externe medewerker


Redesign and optimization of the milk powder production chain

Project duration: December 2013 - November 2017


Background of the project

The food sector is responsible for large energy consumptions, mainly caused by the use of thermal processes. Milk powder production involves many thermal processes, making it highly energy consuming. The past decades the current production process is optimized to a high extend. The EU goals, however, demand for a further improvement of environmental impact. Redesigning the milk powder production chain is necessary to make a next step forward in energy reduction as well as environmental impact. Introduction of new technologies will be the key. Optimization of single process units will have an influence on up- and downstream process units. Therefore it is important to take the whole production chain into account.


The goal of this project is to use a systematic way to redesign and optimize the milk powder production chain. This is achieved by making combinations of conventional and emerging technologies, and optimizing operational conditions. Objective is to minimize the energy consumption, water consumption, environmental, and economic impact.  

This project is part of the ENTHALPY project, a EU-funded research and innovation project within the EC Seventh Framework Program.