SB (Suraj) Jamge

SB (Suraj) Jamge

Externe medewerker

Value creation is, in addition to Research and Education, the third core task of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and focuses on creating societal impact by bringing WUR knowledge into practice.

I work at the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) within the Corporate Value Creation (CVC) at WUR. My function in short can be described as ' Innovation Support & Scout' . In my role, I scout for innovative ideas / technologies that germinate within WUR. This takes place, via direct interactions with professors, researchers, PhDs and students sharing their research ideas often at an early stage. By identifying the ideas at an early stage, my goal is to successfully support the scientists in the road map towards value creation (knowledge transfer process).

Besides scouting inventions, I also assist in IP protection, advise on valorisation grants (eg Take-Offs, Road to Innovation Grant etc.), provide business intelligence support to the WUR community (technology trends, IP landscape & market analysis). Together, with my team we also support in spin-off / start-up trajectories, identify co-creation opportunities and organize networking and inspiration events for WUR employees and students.

Currently, I'm also the 'Business Developer & Scout' within WUR on the 5 year Thematic Technology Transfer program on Circular Technology (TTT-CT). This program brings together all four technical universities (Delft, Eindhoven, Twente, Wageningen) and TNO on value creation. The program hosted by WUR, aims to screen and scout (very) early phase innovations and support them with business or proof-of-concept funds in order to develop this proposition towards market readiness and creating potential new university spin-offs.

Are you curious in what way we (at CVC) can support your or your departments innovations? Or would you like to discuss your research ideas / project and explore the road map to value creation? Do not hesitate to contact me.