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Onderwijsactiviteiten - prof.dr. MF (Marcel) Verweij


CPT-92401 Capita Selecta Philosophy
CPT-92403 Capita Selecta Philosophy
CPT-92404 Capita Selecta Philosophy
CPT-92406 Capita Selecta Philosophy
CPT-70424 MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-70427 MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-70430 MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-70433 MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-70436 MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-70439 MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-80424 MSc Thesis Philosophy
CPT-80427 MSc Thesis Philosophy
CPT-80430 MSc Thesis Philosophy
CPT-80433 MSc Thesis Philosophy
CPT-80436 MSc Thesis Philosophy
CPT-80439 MSc Thesis Philosophy
FCH-22308 Food Properties and Function
YML-80303 BSc Thesis MLS Part 1: Philosophy of Science and Ethics
BPE-13303 Introduction to Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology
HNE-11804 Introduction to the field of Nutrition and Health
CPT-65000 Applied Ethics
CPT-13806 Ethics, Health and Society
CPT-38306 Philosophy and Ethics of Management, Economics and Consumer Behaviour
CPT-38803 Ethics of Food and Nutrition