ABG student Esther Donkersloot wins Tjeerd de Jong Prize 2013

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19 november 2013

On Friday 1 November 2013 for the third time in a row the Tjeerd de Jong Contest took place. Esther Donkersloot, ABG student participating in the Research Master Cluster course, was awarded for her pre-proposal entitled: Identifying early predictors of longevity to improve resilience in dairy cows.

Tjeerd de Jong Prize

De Tjeerd de Jong Prize, for research on Animal Science and Economics, is a stimulus for excellent MSc students to explore an original scientific idea or develop their research skills. In the Research Master Cluster course MSc students write a pre-proposal for a PhD project on a topic of their interest, under guidance of an experienced researcher.  After the final presentation for a jury, consisting of an Animal Science professor, a WIAS staff member and a NWO project manager, the top 3 proposals are nominated for the Tjeerd de Jong Award. The prize is awarded after a ‘pitch’ presentation of the 3 nominees for the Tjeerd de Jong jury. The winner will receive € 2000 to further develop their scientific skills at the start of their career. 

Close call

The jury eventually decided to award Esther Donkersloot the Tjeerd de Jong Prize 2013. The differences this year were so little that we could speak of a 'close call'. The jury therefore decided to award two second prices to both Sasha van der Klein (Transgenerational effects of nutrition in broiler breeders and their offspring) and Mischa Streekstra (Coral sex en masse; Molecular regulation of synchronized spawning in the reef-building coral Acropora millepora). Both of them received a prize of € 1000.


The Foundation Gebroeders De Jong’s Leen was founded in 1921 by Tjeerd de Jong, and controls the legacy of the brothers de Jong. De foundation makes stipends (pensies) available for offspring of Herre Rinia (1754-1819) and Reinskje van der Sluys (1763-1827), the grandparents of the founder of the foundation. On the occasion of the 90th jubilee in 2011, the Tjeerd de Jong award was created (on initiative of Johan van Arendonk, Aalt Dijkhuizen and Herre Kingma), which will be honoured every year.

Read more about the Tjeerd de Jong Prize and the proposals on the website.