Assessing climate change adaptation strategies in East Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is predicted to experience considerable negative impacts of climate change.

The IPCC Fourth Assessment emphasizes that adaptation strategies are essential. Addressing adaptation in the context of small-scale, semi-subsistence agriculture raises special challenges. In collaboration with the International Potato Center in Kenya, and local research institutes in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia, LAD is involved in a research project addressing climate change adaptation strategies in potato and sweetpotato based systems in East Africa. The project uses an integrated modelling approach (Tradeoff Analysis), a suite of models with different levels of complexity simulating bio-physical and economic processes in agricultural systems. There is a range of possibilities for research in this project, from analysing and modeling existing datasets to field data collection for modelling purposes.

Students: 1, possibly 2
Required: SGL-33306 or equivalent; Basic understanding of GIS and modeling
Duration: minimum of 18 ECTS
Location: Wageningen, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia
Supervision: Lieven Claessens (SGL), Jetse Stoorvogel (SGL)
Themes: 1, 3