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Biometris GenStat Procedure Library Edition 14

The 14th edition of the Biometris GenStat Procedure Library contains 56 procedures. The library can be downloaded by using the link on the right. The following 5 procedures are new to the 14th edition:

EMMULTINORMAL estimates parameters of the multivariate normal distribution for data with missing values
GENBATCH runs several GenStat programs simultaneously in batch
OCATTRIBUTES calculates operating characteristic curves for single and multiple acceptance sampling plans for attributes
OCPLAN finds a single acceptance sampling plan for attributes given two points on an OC curve
QTIMEDELAY pauses execution for a specific amount of time or until a file is not opened by another application

Procedure FCOLOURS is succeeded by procedure DCOLOURS in the GenStat Procedure Library, and PADTEXT is succeeded by TXPAD.

Procedures BIOMETRIS, DORDINAL and FGRID have some new options and/or parameters.

Procedure PPAIR succeeds a procedure in the official GenStat Procedure Library.