Continuation Water purification research

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14 augustus 2013

Goal of the project Greenhouse Horticulture Waterproof is to completely close the water cycle of greenhouse companies, to meet with the emission standards for nitrogen and therewith with the European Water Framework Directive before 2027 for (as good as) zero-emission. On the shorter term it is important to keep registration of plant protection products by decreasing emissions and/or to use water purification technologies.

Results 2012

Evaluation of water purification technologies for the removal of plant protection products from greenhouse water emissions is started in 2012. It is shown that 80% of the plant protection products present in the water stream are removed by three of the tested technologies: ozone, and hydrogen peroxide in combination with middle or low pressure UV-light. Addition of an activated carbon filter after ozone treatment showed a removal of 100% at short period loading.

Experiments 2013

Activated carbon filter life tests

Breakthrough of plant protection products through the activated carbon filter will occur at long period loading. Course of the efficacy of the activated carbon filter at long period loading will be investigated in 2013, as well as the effect on efficacy and cost of combining advanced oxidation with the activated carbon filter. This research has to show the financial significance of adding advanced oxidation.

Concentration series

Concentrations of plant protection products in greenhouse emission water can fluctuate quite a lot. A couple of technologies will therefore be tested at plant protection products concentrations multiple times higher than Standardised Water.

New technologies

New technologies from the water purification industry will be evaluated in accordance with the method from 2012 with Standardised Water in 2013. Companies interested in participating in this research can contact Jim van Ruijven for more information (+31 (0) 317 481 387;