ISSD expert group in front of Hotel De Wereld


Expert meeting ISSD Africa

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26 juli 2013

On the hottest two days of the Dutch summer (22-23 July), experts gathered in Wageningen to consult on a third phase of the ISSD Africa, Integrated Seed Sector Development programme.

ISSD Africa’s major objective is to strengthen the development of a vibrant, commercial and pluralistic seed sector in Africa. The experts from the seed sector explored and intensely discussed how to address nine seed sector themes on a continental level. The valuable inputs from the experts on the themes, specific modalities, potential partners and experts, and existing seed programmes during the two day meeting, set out the first step to develop an 18 months inception programme.

Programme phases

The Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen UR in conjunction with a broad range of international and national partners, has been engaged in the two earlier phases of the ISSD Africa programme. The expert meeting to explore the third phase was organized together with KIT (Royal tropical Institute) and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.