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Food & Business Knowledge Forum Office

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6 september 2013

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has awarded the proposal submitted by the Centre for Development Innovation (Wageningen UR), Agri-ProFocus and The Broker for running the Food & Business Knowledge Forum Office.

The consortium partners are very happy with the outcome, as it will increase collaboration on knowledge management related to food and nutrition security in the sector, our Dutch partnership and Agri-Hub networks.

About the Knowledge Agenda

The Ministry supports the global quest to enhance food and nutrition security by strengthening knowledge-sharing, research and innovation. This new initiative is called the ‘Food & Business Knowledge Agenda’, to be guided by a steering group and powered by a ‘Knowledge Forum’. The Agenda will set the priorities of several research funds and will be used to focus joint knowledge management and link knowledge with policy and practice.

The Knowledge Forum will consist of existing networks and communities of practice of professionals from the private sector, civil society, science, education and policy. This Forum has the ambition to share, apply, critically reflect on, learn and create new knowledge and new applications of this knowledge in international cooperation. It has a strong focus on business development, including the business of farmers and small and medium agri-food enterprises in emerging countries.

Running the Office

The Forum’s implementation modalities will be developed and supported by the Knowledge Forum Office. Through the facilitation of online and face-to-face Forum dynamics, the Office will link professionals, organisations and networks; identify knowledge questions; share, plough back and deepen knowledge; showcase promising innovations; and nourish practice and policy through knowledge and research products. The Office is not an implementing unit in itself, but activities will be carried out in partnership with networks, communities of practice and experts relevant for the particular issues & themes on the Knowledge Agenda

The Office will be staffed by knowledge brokers and support staff from the three consortium partners, yet will act as an independent and neutral entity, located in The Hague and governed by the steering group. Mr Frans Verberne, former Director of ETC Foundation, is appointed the office’s Director. Over the course of the next two months, the launch of a website, location, a more detailed description of the objectives and scope of the Forum and its initial activities will be prepared.

Photo: Leonard Faustle