LEI projects on green growth

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24 april 2013

Green growth is a strategy of many countries around the globe to maximise economic growth and development, while reducing pressure on the environment. The concept of green growth aims at promoting the use of green technologies and providing jobs for future generations. LEI Wageningen UR advises governments and companies regarding green growth strategies.

LEI research focuses on different aspects of sustainable growth, such as biobased economy, climate, water and food security. This involves policy to reduce emissions and adaptation to climate changes. Several projects on green growth have been executed.

The social dimension of green growth in the Republic of Macedonia

Recently, LEI carried out a project for the World Bank. To raise awareness of the social dimension of green growth in the Republic of Macedonia among local stakeholders, LEI researchers organised a number of Participatory Scenario Development Workshops in Macedonia in 2012. The main goal was to involve locals, to identify the major challenges and the most vulnerable groups in the community, and to jointly explore future development and policy options for green growth.

Major findings were that a transition towards a green economy will improve working conditions and create new job opportunities. Negative effects will be felt mostly by vulnerable groups. Furthermore, lack of awareness around the green growth concept is a major obstacle for designing and implementing green growth strategies. And to be succesful, the strategy should be translated into clearly defined actions in terms of time, costs, benefits and responsibilities.

Vectors of change in oceans and seas marine

Human use of the European marine environment by marine and maritime sectors is increasing and diversifying. This is creating new mechanisms for human induced-changes in marine life.

LEI investigates, as part of the EU project ‘Vectors of Change in Oceans and Seas Marine Life, Impact on Economic Sectors (VECTORS)’, the drivers, pressures and vectors that cause change in marine life, the mechanisms by which they do so, and the impacts that they have on ecosystem structures and functioning, and on the economics of associated marine sectors and society.

The outcome will be used for changes in marine life, ecosystems and economies under future scenarios for adaptation and mitigation considering the introduction of new technologies and structures, new fishing strategies and new policy needs.

Strategies for green growth in the EU – the agrifood sector

Besides a deskresearch into green growth strategies in the EU, LEI was inovlved in a project to investigate the Impact of EU biofuel policies on world agricultural production and land use.

And also the impact of the EU Directive for trading in CO2 emission rights on Dutch greenhouse horticulture was resarched. LEI analysed the costs of the directive for the sector and determines the effect on CO2 emissions by the sector. It also determines the effect on the competitive position of Dutch greenhouse horticulture.

Climate change and development

Furtermore, LEI is involved in projects with respect to adaptation and mitigation to climate change in developing countries, such as in East Africa and Mali which were aimed at developing methodological framework on adaptation and mitigation strategies of natural resources