NSK Knotsball

The annual Dutch Students Championship Knotsball will this year be organised in Wageningen!

Organisator NSK Knotsball Committee

za 16 november 2013 10:00

Knotsball is a fun sport that is practiced by many students in Wageningen in the Thymos Internal Competitions. It is known under many names, like tampon ball, tampon hockey or knots hockey. It is a really nice sport to play with your friends, housemates or study friends.

The NSK will take place on Saturday the 16th of November. It begins at 10 o’clock at Sports Centre De Bongerd in Wageningen. You can subscribe with a team, consisting of 4 to 8 people (men and/or women). You will play games 4 versus 4 and a game will take about 15 minutes. The Dutch Students Championship Knotsball is for all levels so everybody can join! Each team will play guaranteed multiple matches. The material for playing knotsball will be arranged by the committee.

Subscribe your team before the 11th of November using the registration form. The costs are € 10,- per person, including lunch and dinner! Dinner will take place in the Woeste Hoeve, which is very close to the sports centre.

For questions you can email us at

Hopefully we see you at the 16th of November!