Online debate on non-state governance with The Broker

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21 november 2013

The IS Academy Human Security in Fragile States and The Broker are organising an online debate on engaging with non-state actors in fragile settings.

Series of articles

"Providing basic services, humanitarian assistance and security provision: in fragile, conflict-affected settings, non-state institutions fulfil many roles that are normally expected of the state. In pursuing peacebuilding and statebuilding objectives, NGOs and donors are challenged by how and whether to engage with these institutions." These are the opening lines of a recent The Broker Newsletter, presenting a series of new articles on non-state governance on their Human Security theme page.

Roundtable discussion

Recently, The Broker and the IS Academy Human Security in Fragile States organized a roundtable discussion at the World Conference on Humanitarian Studies in Istanbul to debate the challenges of engaging with non-state actors. Three articles, written by The Broker, Frauke de Weijer (ECDPM) and the IS Academy HSFS, served as a background for the discussion. "Participants emphasized that NGOs and donors become part of local politics and this should not be based on Western or liberal values but on the perspectives of citizens. Agencies should abandon the ambition to engineer the process of change."

Deepen the dialogue

The Broker and the IS Academy warmly invite you to further deepen the dialogue. You can do so by sending your contribution to or by using the comment tool under each article to share your thoughts on engaging with non-state actors.