Optimization of microalgal biomass and lipid production under outdoor climate conditions aiming biofuels production

Microalgae are considered one of most promising and suitable sources for achieving sustainable production of commodities. However, there is still a lack of technological development to reach cost competitive productivities. Optimization of the process can overcome the bottlenecks towards economic and environmental feasibility.


The objective of this proposal is to optimize the production (at pilot scale) of microalgal biomass and develop the best process strategies to obtain the highest lipid productivities in photobioreactors.


  1. Work under continuous stress (nitrogen starvation) at lab scale with Adaptive Laboratory Evolution (ALE) approach: selection of improved cell lines (higher biomass and lipids productivities), Bodipy505 (BP) staining for strain selection with fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS), analysis of the strain (productivity performance and genetic analysis) and tuning production parameters.
  2. Cultivation at outdoors facilities with nitrogen depletion strategies: process optimization and data analysis from photobioreactors (PBR).
  3. Analysis of processes: comparison and computer simulations, translation of the results to the climate conditions of Brazil.
scheme of proposal


Within this project there are various possibilities for doing a BSc or MSc thesis. If you are interested in doing a BSc or MSc thesis, feel free to contact me.