Professor Alfons Stams and his ‘mini-mii’ (Moorella stamsii)

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4 juli 2013

Professor Alfons J.M. Stams is a respected scientist working at the Laboratory of Microbiology as head of the Microbial Physiology group. He is known for his excellent work in microbial physiology and isolation of novel microorganisms. Earlier this year he already received an ERC grant to work on isolating novel microorganisms, but now professor Alfons Stams received a present that many microbiologists dream of… his own bacterium.

On the 7th of June an article was published online, ahead of print, in the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology describing a novel bacterial species. This organism was isolated by Joana I. Alves, as part of her PhD thesis work in Wageningen and Braga (university of Minho). She and the co-authors, including Caroline M. Plugge, another veteran at Microbiology, decided that it was time for Alfons Stams to be rewarded for all his work. They named the novel species Moorella stamsii.

Moorella stamsii is characterized by its ability to couple the oxidation of the toxic compound carbon monoxide to the production of hydrogen. A physiological phenomenon that is one of the research topics of Alfons Stams and his group. By adding this new species to the already long list of novel species isolated and described at the Laboratory of Microbiology, it will give eternal live to Professor Alfons J.M. Stams.


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