Student Geoffrey Ogutu - MSc Earth and Environment

With a BSc degree in Meteorology from his hometown university in Kenya, the world lay at Geoffrey’s feet.

I feel challenged throughout every course in multiple ways.

Study choice

Eager to extend his study with an international Master’s programme, he had several universities worldwide to choose from. “My professor advised me to have a look at the website of the Wageningen University. I immediately fell for the opportunity to easily combine meteorological and climatological aspects in one MSc program.” He decided to send in his application form and in the meantime he asked around his colleagues who had already been in the Netherlands to get a better understanding of the country he was planning to move on to. After a short while he got confirmation of his admittance at Wageningen University and so his great adventure started.

Study programme

“Studying in the Netherlands is a great experience. I feel challenged throughout every course in multiple ways; the level is quite high. It is difficult at times, but it is most of all very interesting.” Although Geoffrey’s main focus is really to study, that doesn’t stop him from integrating with a variety of students from different countries and cultures. This is enhanced by the group work, that is included in some of the courses. They make you interact with all the different people and it helps you to face all those characters and opinions in a professional and formal way. That is why he has no regrets choosing Wageningen at all. Nevertheless he is longing to go back to Kenya, when he finishes his Master’s, in order to “use the knowledge that I’ve gained over here, to overcome climate issues and participate in climate projects over there.” And although the unemployment in Kenya is relatively high, he feels that a MSc title from an internationally highly-rated university will gain him way better chances to find that one perfect job.