Student Yusuke Terano - MSc Earth and Environment

When I searched a Master programme with the keywords Africa and Soil Quality, I met prof. dr. Lijbert Brussaard through Google. Fortunately I received a kind reply from him. Additionally, the master Earth and Environment also has lectures about landscape science, and ISRIC ( is located in Wageningen. So the kind reply from the professor and the rich teaching environment strongly attracted me to follow this master.

I really like Wageningen because the atmosphere is calm and there is a lot of nature!

Study programme

All courses in the specialisation Biology and Chemistry of Soil and Water taught a concept of soil quality from different aspects with many exercises: simulations with models, pot experiments, a poster presentation, an oral presentation, training to write a research proposal, and writing some parts of a paper. Finally, we had the experience of full research work in the last period during the Field Practical Soil Quality. The different type of exercises and the variety of courses train different types of research skills and introduce many interesting topics for the students.

At the moment I am working on my thesis in Kenya. My big interest is how termites affect soil quality and crop performance under different tillage and residue treatments. In west Africa, there is a positive effect of termite activity,  but in east Africa termites might have an opposite effect. So I'm observing crop development and several factors of soil quality and termite diversity.

Future career

After my graduation I would like to work at a CGIAR center in developing countries as a PhD student. I would like to train my ability as a researcher and contribute something in the society.

Student life

Asides studying I like to watch Japanese animation movies, cycling, or watching stars. I also like to join some of the events which are planned by the study association Pyrus. I am a member in one of their committees, the IntegratCie. This committee tries to integrate Dutch and foreign students of the BSc Soil, Water, Atmosphere with its related Master programs.

I really like Wageningen because the atmosphere is calm, and there is a lot of nature!