Website renewed

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28 augustus 2013

The website (in Dutch only) from PPO-AGV (Praktijkonderzoek Plant en Omgeving voor de Akkerbouw, Groene ruimte en Vollegrondsgroenten) is renewed. The nematode scheme you can compile, will now be shown as a pdf file. On this website you can find all the information you need for recognition of the symtoms in your crop and multiple options for control.

This nematode scheme provides detailed information on

  1. the kind and severity of the damage caused by individual nematode species to a crop of interest,
  2. the multiplication rate of nematode species on a given crop, and
  3. the occurrence of a given nematode species in various main soil types.

It is realized that most information is provided in Dutch. In case this a major hurdle, please contact Leendert Molendijk and/or Thea van Bers (both from PPO-AGV), they will give you detailed additional information.