Outstanding Educator Award 2013 for Adriaan van Haaften

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1 oktober 2013

The Outstanding Educator Award 2013 (ECLAS) is presented to Ir. Adriaan van Haaften, a senior member of staff in the Chair Group of Landscape Architecture at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, from which he is due to retire at the end of the year after 26 years teaching at Delft and Wageningen Universities.

Adri van den Brink and his other colleagues in the department, who nominated Adriaan, stressed his excellence as a teacher of drawing and visualisation to which he has made an original contribution. He developed a set of drawing rules expressed in a drawing language. His teaching approaches and supporting materials for the students were noted as being of high quality. Adriaan van Haaften continues to emphasise the importance of good hand drawing techniques as a precursor to the successful use of digital graphics. He has also been appreciated by his students who nominated him as teacher of the year in 2006. His techniques have been written down in a book currently in Dutch which would be of greater value if it was to be translated into English.

An Outstanding Educator is honoured for his or her teaching quality, pedagogical approaches, technologies and learning techniques in ways which enhance the theories, knowledge and skills necessary for good landscape architecture practice.